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Month: February 2021

That time Arianna’s “girlfriend” tried to get some Puddy Pickle

We begin with a letter and the response thereto. After that, a bit of conjecture, then we finish with what I like to call “Meesh’s Pieces”.

If you’re going to lie about me you might want to do so with something I can’t disprove.

Hey, Meesh you also said:

You want it to stop just leave me be and all will be good I just want you out of my life no drama just leave me alone please.

Well, right back at you. I’m the one who kicked you out of my life. Then you went on a little gossip spree telling lies about me and I let you . I didn’t say a single fucking thing for weeks. Then you start claiming that you’re going to see me in court and get me thrown in jail as if I did something wrong to you. That’s where I draw the line.

Let’s remember how we got here: You, started telling me one thing and then going behind my back and saying other shit. Then you started lying about me to people just like Ari did. I’ve already shown one of your lies and I’ll continue showing others.

You want it to stop? Just publicly recant all the bullshit you’ve been saying about me and then formally apologize. I just want you out of my life. No drama. Just stop being a lying POS like Ari, please.

And yes, you are stupid. I’m just too polite to bring it up because I was raised with manners. But since you brought it up: trust me, you’re about as stupid as they cum… get it… because you’re a… ohhh never mind. But seriously: yeah you are

stu·pid [ /ˈst(y)o͞opəd/ ]

adj. given to unintelligent decisions or acts acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

Open Letter to Arianna and Meesh

The following is a copy of the email message I just sent to both Meesh and Arianna.

From: Puddy Tat <>
4:08 PM (42 minutes ago)
To: mesh********, ariannaf***
Subject: Trying to put an end to the bullshit

@Arianna,  congratulations. You’ve finally succeeded in destroying the friendship Mesheala and I had. You’re a shitty human but at least you’re winning when it comes to lies and bullshit. Oh BTW.. thanks for linking yourself to her in your profile because it makes it easier to expose your lies and BS.

@Meesh, I’ve been trying to deescalate the BS between us since before it started. I don’t know why you would believe anything that Arianna has said about me given that she has lied to you repeatedly. She’s been trying to drive a wedge between us ever since she saw how close we were at VidCon.

Remember that conversation we had where we pieced together how she told you not to talk to me when you came to get your shit and she lied to me about you NOT telling her where you were and what you were doing?

She’s lied about me this whole time and you know it ( here’s a refresher in case you’ve forgotten: ). 

Back in April when you started getting really flirty with me and I asked you what was up you came at me talking about us hooking up. I respected you enough to tell you why I thought it was a bad idea. Has anyone and I mean ANYONE ever shown you that level of respect? You know how I felt about you and anyone else would have jumped at the chance to get down with you, maybe that’s why you turned on me, I don’t know. 

The point is, you know what kind of person I am. Why would you buy into some bullshit from someone who you know is fucked in the head and lies all the time?

I’ve been avoiding airing out all our shit but your escalation has painted me into a corner. Your comment about me going to jail “for the shit he did” puts me into the same dangerous position that Ari did when she started lying about me trying to get her kid taken. I’m not going to play games. I’m telling you that I do not want to make you an enemy. We’ll never be friends again but we can both just walk away from this. I can’t do that if you keep putting my life in danger with reckless statements.

You’re being manipulated by a master manipulator. You’ve seen her do it to other people and now she’s doing it to you. Hell, you told me exactly what she was doing and how. Remember how she lied to you about the conversation she and I were supposed to have before PlayList and she told you that I was trying to get back with her then I showed you the text messages that proved I wasn’t?  I only wanted to have an honest conversation and she refused to tell the truth. 

What about whet when she told you that I was talking shit about you after VidCon 2019? Remember me sending you the text messages between her and myself and the section of the conversation I had with her where you came up? It all proved that she lied to you over and over again. 

Whatever it is that you think I’ve done is a lie. Ask yourself the following questions: If I did something so bad to her, why did you JUST recently find out about it? She told you about her fucking Dylan and the random hookup in Florida and the bullshit about her using me. She let you know the FBI thing was all bullshit. Why would she NOT tell you if I did something fucked up to her RIGHT when it happened? I haven’t spent any time or energy on her or the site in MONTHS. I was ready to walk away from it all back in August when you told me you had a recording of her talking about fucking Dylan and admitting to using me and lying about me. The certificate for the domain expired in November and I was happy to be done with it. Her bullshit on UpLive and you buying into her lies has proven to me that I can’t trust her to just move on. She’ll always lie because she’s petty and small minded, which you know. Why you’d choose to involve yourself with her is beyond me.

I never wanted to fight with you. I had to cut you off when it became clear that you were lying to me and being disrespectful, that’s it. Even after that I’ve been protecting you from your own irrational hot-headed behavior but that’s at an end now. Either we can hash this out and agree to avoid escalating things or I’ll do what I have to do to protect myself. Your call

BTW.. I’ll be posting this message online for everyone to see what I’ve said since I can’t trust either of you NOT to be on some bullshit

In the Meantime…

I’m finally getting around to compiling the questions and answers from back in November. My apologies for the delay. Here’s a sneak peak at SOME of the content that will be used in the responses.

Soooo Jelly is one of the “loves of [her] life”? Hrmmm Let’s see what Jelly had to say:

Is Arianna a lying piece of shit? Hrmm what did Jelly have to say about that?

And don’t forget this bit about her being a “lesbian” who lies to hook up with men: