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One year AMA (Ask Me Anything)

I’m not sure whether I’ll go through and elucidate all of the bullshit with Ariana for the Year in Review but I know that people have questions about me, her, the drama, etc. Here’s your chance to get your questions answered.


  1. There are things I wish I’d known about Arianna and her patterns of abuse. This is a chance for me to help the next person
  2. Arianna is really good at keeping people from talking to each other. She talks about me all the time and makes me out to be some mythical figure. Her’s a chance for everyone to see that I’m just a normal person. You can talk to me. We can have a civil exchange
  3. Lastly, I’m moving on to other things. When I started this site it was simply to put up my side of the story because Arianna lied about me so much that people were threatening my life. Since then I’ve shown how Arianna repeatedly lied and vilified me for no reason. There’s nothing else for me to prove here. I’m not taking down the site but I am going to focus on other things and this is a good way for me to close this chapter. I’ll answer any questions then get on with the rest of my life.

How can I get my question answered?

You can call and leave a voicemail message or send SMS: 517.742.2552

Yes, this is really one of my numbers. No, it’s not my main number. It won’t actually ring my phone, so all calls to that number will go to voicemail. I won’t be looking at text messages until it’s time to answer questions so don’t expect a response.

You can send me a message on SnapChat: DoubleOPuddy

You can send email:

I’ll hold two live streams where you can ask questions, live. I’ve unblocked everyone, even the Alpaca and Arianna. Everyone can come an play along. The live sessions will be on Sunday October 4th (between 9p and 11p Eastern) and Sunday October 11th (same times).

Some time after October 1st I’ll put up a page with responses. I’ll respond to every question I get between now and November 15th.

The rules are:

  • Don’t be a dick. While I’m personally inured, people around me tend to get upset when others act like dicks. For the sake of having healthy discussion, I ask that you conduct yourself with a modicum of civility. If you can’t manage that, you’ll be kicked/banned/blocked.
  • Anything that could reasonably be construed as a threat of bodily harm, harassment, incitement to violence or anything else of the sort will be reported to the authorities irrespective of who the target is.
  • I will respect your privacy: If you don’t want to be identified. just say so and I’ll leave your name out when I respond. Obviously that doesn’t work if you come into my live stream and ask there.
  • Off limit topics:
    • None — you can ask anything but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a satisfactory answer.
  • Questions probably not worth asking:
    • Anything dehumanizing — While I love good japes and gibes as much as the next homonid, the point of this little exercise is to answer questions that actually might matter to people.
    • Anything related to the people who made threats against me — I’m not going to incriminate myself.
    • Questions about who I hate, who I’m mad at, or whether I plan to get back at anyone — First, I’m not going to incriminate myself. Second, I don’t hate anyone tied to all of this. I don’t care enough about Arianna to hate her. Ruby (Dabs) is a piece of shit not worth commenting on, Dylan might be a great guy but to me he’s been a piece of shit so as far as I know, he’s a piece of shit. MoonShine is so vapid, she makes dirt look scholarly. Alpaca… well I don’t believe in being cruel to animals so… no comment.
    • Questions about me being willing to forgive — If someone did something and they apologize, I’m willing to forgive them. Forgiving doesn’t mean I’ll trust them but we could at least get past the transgressions. Alpaca could apologize for attacking me for no reason and I’d forgive her. We’d never be friends but I could forgive. Opie could apologize for saying stupid shit and I’d forgive him. Brian L (Ari’s bouncer not the TopBadge) could apologize for being a little bitch and I’d forgive him. Ruby could apologize for being a piece of shit and I’d forgive her. I’d never have any of those people in my circle again but I could forgive their shitty behavior.
    • Questions that would ‘out’ people who are still in Arianna’s circle — I get messages every week from people who Arianna thinks are her friends. Some record their conversations with her, some give me summaries of the latest lies she’s trying to push, etc. It’s funny and sad that she has no idea how many people in her circle see right through her bullshit. To be clear, these are people who sought me out because she lied to them in the beginning, they bought into it and when they realized that she was lying they contacted me 1) to apologize and 2) to give me a heads up. I won’t betray their confidence

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