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Update: AMA coming…eventually…maybe

The answers to the questions I was asked back between October an November will be published but it’s honestly a very low priority for me. First I had an equpment failure when one of my iPad Pros died on me. It’s the one that had most of my video/audio clips on it and even though I have backups, I didn’t have a spare unit to restore to and do editing from. I’ve since replaced the dead iPad Pro but I’ve been busy with other shit that actually matters.

The whole reason I was doing the AMA in the first place was to 1) answer questions once and for all so that no one ever had to listen to me explain what happened (again) and 2) address some key concerns raised by people who I care about. I’ll eventually get the answers posted but I’m working on bigger things right now and talking about my piece of shit ex and her piece of shit shenanigans just isn’t that compelling to me right now. If it hadn’t been for Jelly telling me that she was going to send me a secretly recorded conversation with Arianna admitting to fucking Dylan (thus cheating on me), lying to me, lying to everyone about me being her sugar daddy, and a bunch of other shit, I would have been done here long ago. I kept waiting for Jelly to send me the file and she always had an excuse for why she wouldn’t/couldn’t send it to me. In the end I stopped fucking with Jelly because I got sick of her bullshit and lies (not related to this issue). it would have been nice to post audio of Arianna talking about fucking Dylan after she made such a spectacle of the whole “if we did have sex then he raped me because I’m a lesbian” thing but whatevs. In the end, I know what’s real and I never started this site to expose her and her bullshit. I started it to defend myself because I was getting death threats because Arianna couldn’t accept the fact that I didn’t want her in my life anymore.

I’ll get the answers posted eventually but be patient as I’m launching a few new business ventures and they take priority over this stuff. I’ve been healing from this shit since June. It’s not instantaneous, especially because it triggered PTS over shit that happened way back when I was in high school and someone tried to kill me because a girl lied about me (I’ll cover that in the AMA responses).

Anyway, If you’re here for drama and intrigue, you should probably find a hobby or something.

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