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What actually happened between me and Arianna

Now that some time has passed let’s address the issues that lead to this site being here in the first place and answer a couple of the questions I was asked back in October of 2020 when I posted the AMA. I’ll follow up with a video since I know a bunch of you don’t read anything that’s more than 5 syllables long.

  1. Arianna and I bump into each other in Gypsy’s live stream and we vibe instantly
  2. Arianna links up with Victoria (who I knew before they ever met)
  3. I become a sounding board for Arianna and her issues in her relationship with Victoria
  4. Arianna starts love bombing me while at the same time lying about me to Victoria and others
    • She’s telling me that she wants to be my girlfriend
    • She’s telling Victoria that I’m the one coming on to her (meaning Arianna) when she’s the one coming on to me
    • She starts telling a whole bunch of people that I’m her sugar daddy or some shit
  5. She and I start “dating” with the understanding that she’s bad at relationships
    • One of her tricks was to tell me over and over again that she was bad at relationships and wanted help being better. She loved the fact that my wife and I had been together for over 15 years because she’d never had a relationship that lasted more than a few months
    • What I didn’t realize at the time was that this was just one of her many lies to keep me from questioning her abusive behavior
  6. She goes to Playlist in 2019 and fucks Dino
    • I finally got confirmation from other people who were at the house. Arianna and Dino hooked up at Playlist 2019, not a problem right? Well the only problem is that Arianna was *my* girlfriend and not Dino’s. Arianna and I had an open relationship, she could have fucked Dino all she wanted with no issues so why did she feel the need to lie to me about it? More than that, why would she tell me to support Dino and help him get his Top Badge? My “Girl friend” is fucking another guy, lying to me about it, and asking me to help support him because “he’s just a really cool guy”???
  7. She gets envious of the attention I get from the women she’s attracted to
    • On more than one occasion she got upset because someone she was attracted to started coming on to me
    • One time in particular, I started talking to a woman and discovered that Arianna had tried to pursue her about a year earlier.
  8. She starts classic narcissistic devaluing
  9. She fucks yet another guy behind my back, this time it’s Dylan
  10. I pull back from her and her streams because I’m sick of her bullshit and abuse
  11. I end up in the hospital and almost die
    • She’s too busy fucking Dylan to check on me
  12. I walk away from her bullshit and go ‘no contact’
  13. She has her “friends” attack me and start spreading lies about me
  14. I call out her lies and bullshit and to deflect from the facts she starts claiming that I was trying to get her son taken away from her
  15. I start getting death threats
  16. I ask her to stop the bullshit
  17. She refuses
  18. I set up this website so I don’t have to kill someone who has bought into Arianna’s lies
  19. She claims that I’m obsessed with her
  20. I eventually work my way out from under her mountainous pile of bullshit
  21. Mesheala (now Arianna’s “girlfriend”) starts lying about me after I turn her down for a hookup and cut her out of my life. no shit… go look at the post

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