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3 months, seriously?

Arianna: Ok. Let’s see if after today he takes down the website even tho I haven’t said shit about him in 3 months.

This is the kind of person Arianna is. After lying about me for over a year and actively inciting people to attack and harass me, she thinks I should take down the site just because she hasn’t said shit about me in 3 months. That BTW is a lie. The whole not saying shit about me thing is pure fiction.

Just a couple of weeks ago she went on a 20 minute rant about how she was fed up with people who go to her live streams, catch her lying, and then screen record her lying and send it to me. That wasn’t back in May (3 months ago) that was 3 weeks ago at the beginning of July. In that rant she called me all sorts of names and even trotted out a new fiction since everyone now knows about her old lies. I’ll spare you the details.

So the lying piece of shit wants me to take down the site that I was forced to erect because of her piece of shit lies.

Let me say that again: She, Arianna, is a lying piece of shit. The only reason this site exists is because she lied about me so much that people started making death threats, there was zero reason for this site to exist otherwise and she knows that. She knew it at the time and I even tried to have her put an end to the BS before it got to the point of me needing to create a website with her name to get the truth out. Now, she thinks that 1) I’m dumb enough to believe that she’s not still spreading lies about me and 2) I should take down the site just because of a 3 month period where she alleges that she hasn’t talked (and presumably, as a result, hasn’t lied) about me.

She hasn’t owned up to the lies. She hasn’t recanted the bullshit. All she’s done is play the victim and act like I’m the unreasonable one because I had the audacity to stand up for myself and not accept her bullshit.

How can you assert that you’ve not said anything about me for 3 months when two weeks ago you were lying about me (again), this website, and “certain agencies” saying that I was “really big” and you should just block me? You claim to have been bullied all because people found out that you’re a lying piece of shit and instead of trying to be a better person you lie more?

Arianna, if you really want me to take down the site all you have to do is stop being a piece of shit and recant all the lies. I mean every single one. Go read Comment and Questions let me know when you’ve uploaded your video and we can talk. Until then, no… I’m not taking it down period. You can stop wondering now.


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    She may be a be a POS but at least she ain’t a childish bitch. “Omg she’s lying about me so I’m going to try and get everybody to hate her” grow tf up and grow some balls and stop acting like a bitch made pussy

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      thank you for opening your mouth and removing all doubt. Next!

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