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Comments and Questions

What will it take for you to stop with this site?

I get a bunch of questions asking what Arianna could do to make me stop exposing her bullshit here. The answer is simple: tell the fucking truth. This site exists for one reason and one reason alone: She started lying about me and I got death threats. If she came clean about all of the bullshit she’s been up to I’d stop in an instant.

I’m not interested in half-truths or equivocations. She’d need to admit in plain and clear language to all of the bullshit, lies, manipulations, harassment, and incitement’s that she’s responsible for as it relates to me. This would have to go all the way back to when she started lying to Victoria about me pursuing her (Arianna) and would end with her latest.

Because Ari has a history of reneging on her agreements and because I can’t trust her she’d have to make a video recording admitting to the above and upload it to her YouTube account, set it to public, and promote it on all of her social media outlets. Once it hits 3 million views I’m willing to walk away. After she returns all of the gifts I gave her, I’d be willing to turn over everything I have about her and her bullshit and agree not to publish about her further provided she doesn’t start smearing and lying about me again.

Arianna said you’re bullying her.

Does the word “hypocrisy” mean anything to you? How about “irony”? Arianna is great at psychological manipulation. She understands how to manipulate people and most importantly, how to look like a victim. She wants people to dote over her and come to her rescue. Everything she says to you is manipulation, period. Just ask any of the dozens of people who have called her out on her bullshit. She’s pulling this “I’m being bullied” bullshit because she lied to a bunch of people who eventually saw how full of shit she was. She can’t come out and say “I fucked up and I’m sorry“ so instead she claims to have been bullied.

Let me hear/see her put my name in some bullshit ever again and I’ll burry her ass in legal proceedings beginning with calls to CPS for endangering a minor, giving drugs to a minor, and neglect. After that I’ll call the cops and turn over the recordings of her admitting to two different felonies plus drunk driving (to pick up her son from school). After that I have the recording someone sent me of her asking people to go harass me. That’s a criminal offense as well. In short I have enough to make life very difficult for her. She claims that I’m “out to get” her but If I were truly trying to harm her, I’d have sent all of that to the authorities long ago. I don’t care enough about her to want to fuck her over. I just need her to keep my name out her mouth and we’re good. The only reason this site exists is because she’s a lying piece of shit and I had to resort to creating this site to address her spreading lies about me.

What did you do to Arianna to make her hate you so much?

I stopped putting up with her bullshit. Arianna is a narcissistic abuser. She’s pretty good at hiding it in the beginning but her need for narcissistic validation is incredible. If you don’t give her what she wants then you’re automatically the villain. She’s very simpleminded when it comes to… well everything. She’s a simpleton. There’s zero room for nuance or subtlety with her. If you’re not under her thumb she thinks of you as an enemy. When I walked away from her her simpleton brain couldn’t accept that she had done fucked up shit and it was unreasonable to expect me to put up with that shit. To her it was “he’s not my friend anymore… I must destroy him”. That’s it. For the record, I’ve never done ANYTHING wrong to her. Not a single thing…. ever. She’s just a shitty person with shitty coping skills.

I’ve seen your proof that Arianna lied. How do we know you’re not lying as well? Arianna said…

For starters, you can go back and see that from the very beginning I was concerned with one thing: getting Arianna to stop spreading lies about me. The whole reason this site exists is because she started lying about me in a consistent and vicious manner to the point where people in her circle felt comfortable making threats against my life.

Secondly, I don’t give a fuck about what Arianna says. That’s kinda the point of this whole thing. She’s a lying piece of shit. EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH IS EITHER A LIE OR MANIPULATION. Here is how you can prove it. There are several times where she claims to have screenshots of me making threats against her or her son. She claimed to have messaged her sons tutor or counselor once about something claiming that it could get Damien taken away from her. Tell her to publish the screenshots. If she has them then there should be no problem in making them available to the general public and showing that I’m as bad as she claims. She’ll never do it because they don’t exist and I’ve never done anything wrong to her.

Why are you slandering Arianna?

Slander is something you obviously don’t understand. Here let me help: In order for something to be slander it has to be a “false statement of fact”. Meaning, in short, I’d have to lie. I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth. It may be a truth that Arianna doesn’t want to be out there but then she had an opportunity to stop all of this by telling the truth. Instead she chose to lie about me. She lies, I tell the truth. I don’t see what the problem is with me telling the truth.

Why are you trying to hurt/humiliate/embarrass Arianna?

I’m not. I was silent on the break up until she had her friends attack me after I had wished her well in life and blocked her from contacting me. After that I was largely silent until one of her friends (Anna) started spreading sick lies about me. When I tried to set the record straight about the lies Arianna claimed that I was trying to get her kid taken away from her. She created an environment in her live streams where people felt comfortable making death threats and I started getting threatened on a daily basis. I have no desire to embarrass, harass, or otherwise antagonize Arianna Folsom. I have a desire to get the truth out. That’s all I’m doing

Why can’t you just let it go? Let bygones be bygones.

I had let it go until I started getting death threats. Arianna is mentally disturbed. She’s also manipulative. She created an environment where people would sympathize with her by vilifying me. A natural and obvious consequence is that people would want to defend her by attacking me. She’s never once tried to set the record straight about her lies and the fact that I’ve never done anything wrong to her so the only thing I can do is tell my side of the story.

Why are you obsessed with Arianna?

I’m not. I’ve wanted her out of my life ever since we broke up. You can see for you self here.

Why do you hate Arianna?

  1. I don’t hate her. In order to hate someone you first have to care about them enough to hate them. I am completely indifferent to Arianna. I don’t hate her. I don’t love her. I just don’t care about her. Yes, I used to love her and even after all the bullshit we went through I was still a fierce and loyal friend even if I didn’t want her toxic behavior in my life. What changed it? When she started lying about me to her friends for sympathy and then refused to address the fact that one of her friends continued to spread lies about me, I stopped caring about her. In my opinion she picked her friendship with Anna over everything that I’d ever meant to her. Just like that I went from caring deeply for a woman that I loved but couldn’t be around to not caring one whit about her or the consequences she faces for her actions.
  2. Did I mention that she’s created an environment where her followers feel comfortable making death threats against me?

Why did you steal her website?

I didn’t. Arianna has made this claim a few times but she’s never explained exactly how someone goes about stealing a website. When it comes to technology calling her a lackwit or dullard would be generous.

The fact of the matter is that I had recommend that she register a domain name for use as her personal promotional site. She never took my advice seriously enough to act on it and when she abided threats against my life, I registered a set of domains that were available and was one of them. She could have done this herself but it’s easier to get sympathy from people by saying someone stole something from her as opposed to saying “I was too dumb to do this before anyone else did”.

Will you two ever make up or be friends again?


  1. She disrespected our relationship in public and refused to apologize or even acknowledge the fact that we had a relationship
  2. She lied about me (in private to her friends who attacked and harassed me)
  3. She allowed her friend to disrespect our relationship with the vile things she (Anna) said
  4. She lied about me (in public) on her live stream causing people to threaten my life
  5. She’s just a really really shitty person

I don’t have time in my life for her BS even as a friend. There is zero chance that she and I will ever be more than people who used to know each other.


    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      Well, your simple ass cared enough to leave a comment sooooooo…

  1. 😭🍔 😭🍔

    Puddytat sounds like a pussy ass bitch! Lol this is so sad it’s actually funny . . 7.8 billion people in the world and your so soft that one of them made you do this pathetic ass shit.. because if you really think that your swaying public opinion buy complaining about a girl who broke your heart and then blowing up online so everyone knows you have nothing to offer a woman, and if you did.. why would anyone risk being your complain thing… Buy yourself a wamburger and a hanky and go rub one off dude.. then maybe stop by the VA and ask anyone if there’s anyone around that can teach someone how to be a fuckin man cuz your vaginas starting to show

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat


      I’m not trying to sway public opinion, but maybe your incompetence prevented you from comprehending that little fact. Neither did she “break [my] heart” but again…your incompetence.

      Hey bucko it’s ok, I get it. You sit in your Santa Clarita home just waiting for a chance to prove that you’re a real man. Suburban life has you feeling meek and compliant. You, Skip, climb out of your racecar bed, throw on your big boy undies and decide to call out someone who you don’t know for a situation you’re obviously too stupid to understand ANNNNNNNNNND, the kicker, you do it anonymously. Say what you want about me, slugger, but I’m here to stand by my words and deeds. Your soft ass is trying to talk tough by hiding behind a keyboard.

      If you think I’m soft we can talk about it, we can even put it to the test. Your moist ass would have to pull down your skirt first and stand by your words, tiger. Let it be known who you are because I wont waste my time addressing little children like they’re men.

      Now shut the fuck up, grab your sippy cup, and go watch cartoons. Grown folks are talking.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    you happy now?!? you finally bullied Arianna off meetme. you proud of yourself?

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      1) I didn’t bully Arianna off of anything. I’m not a bully. I’ll stand up for myself. I’ll tell the truth. I’ll defend those unduly attacked. I will not, however bully anyone. Not even a bully like Arianna. Yes, she is the bully.
      2) If she’s truly off of meet me I hope she takes time to reflect on her actions and heed the advice of her psychotherapist who told her to stay off of social media because it activates her psychosis. I don’t,generally, revel in the misfortunes of others.
      3) Arianna is the biggest bully on the playground. She’s not the most physically intimidating but she’s certainly the most dangerous. No one is bullying her. Instead people may be standing up to her but in all likelihood what’s happening is that she’s fleeing from the consequences of her own bullshit. She spent months on her smear campaign against me lying to everyone who would listen. Some of those people figured out that she was a lying piece of shit and they’ve called her out on her bullshit. If she were a half way decent person she’d own up to her actions and try to be a better person. Unfortunately she can’t be bothered to try to be a half way decent person or even to play one on TV. She is running, not from a bully, not from being bullied, but from the consequences of her own bullshit.

  3. #MeToo #MeToo

    I got some info to share about Arianna and what she did to me. I went through the exact same shit with her pretending we weren’t together then lying about a bunch of shit. Where can I send it and get it published?

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      I’m not interested in taking submissions of video/audio from other people. I’m happy to pay my lawyers for my own indignation but not for others. I still have people sending me clips of her even though I’ve told them to stop.

      If you have a story to tell about your experiences with arianna then my first suggestion is to set up your own blog and I’d be happy to link to your stories as you publish them. If you’re not able to do that, I’d be happy to let you publish here as long as you take ownership of your own content and make it clear that you’re not me. It’s up to you to do all the editing and copywriting. All I’ll do is give it a quick glance and either add it to the stream or tell you that I can’t allow it and why.

  4. Planet Zod Planet Zod

    Puddy, can you please just stop with all of this? not gonna say who I am but you know me. we met and I know yo’re right. Arianna lied. She lies all the time and thinks people don’t know.
    I reember her version of the story about how you started dating then I saw one of your videos with her admitting that she was the one who went after you not the other way around. trust me I get it, she lied then she lied to Anna, Ruby, Dylan. I was there when they all tlaked about you being a shitty a person and it was all her lies
    I was even there when Anna and her came up with a idea to say that you were inappropriate with her son. I think we talked her out of it but who knows what she’ll do if you keep up with this. we all get it she lies about the peopple who leave her. She did it with Victoria and she’s doing it with you. Just be the bigger person and put an end to this. No one takes her seriously and if you stop she’ll probably stop too

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      If you won’t say who you are then I can’t take you seriously anyone can grab names and make claims.
      You sound like you’re trying to lure me in by building my confidence in your understanding that Arianna is a lying piece of shit. There are a few problems with that the first being that you COULD just be saying that to make me feel vindicated. It’s a form of manipulation and that makes me think you’re more likely to be Ari or a family member of hers. Granted you write much better than she ever could so… probably not Ari but still (maybe you’re her teen aged nephew IDK). The second problem is: even if it’s true that you get it, that doesn’t mean that others do. She’s been lying about me for months and people heard it and started sending me death threats. Do you understand how fucked up that is? You say she’s been through a lot but she manufactured all this bullshit. I don’t care what she’s been through. I’ve been through hell just because she’s a shitty person who can’t stand when people get fed up with her shit and leave. I didn’t do anything to her, SHE DID. It’s not my fault that she’s dealing with the consequences of her own idiocy. It’s called being an adult. She sucks at it but I’m sure she can do better.

      Lastly, I don’t trust her..never mind trusting you. Do you know how many times she’s said “you were so good to me” and then turned around and lied about me to other people? Or how many times she’s say “he didn’t do anything wrong” only to follow it up with “he’s kinda rapey” or “he terrorized me”? The only way I’ll begin to trust anything about her “stopping too” is if she spends as much time setting the record straight as she spent telling lies. We can start a counter now. She began with the bullshit way back before she declared me to be her boyfriend in October of 2018. So let her spend the next year and a half owning up to ALL OF HER LIES ABOUT ME. Then I’d be happy to consider taking things down. Until then… fuck off you’re blocking my catharsis.

  5. DuDe214 DuDe214

    Dylan knows she’s a lying crazy bitch. She lied to him one too many times not to mention some fucked up shit she did after sex. He’s been fucking around with her since August just so you know. I don’t know when you found out about them or think things started but August is when I first heard about them together. I think they met in July. I knew something was off with her when he first introduced her.

    Keep your head up. This’ll pass.

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      Thank you for the last bit. Not sure what to say about the rest. I’m guessing you know Dylan as a friend or colleague and I don’t want to disparage your friend but he behaved like a piece of shit when I went to talk to him man to man. He could be a great guy but I only know his piece of shit behavior so….fuck him. If he wants to have a chat, I’m willing but absent some clearing of the air I don’t really care what he has to say.

  6. Legal Advisor Legal Advisor

    Okay, so I know you follow this, and reply. I need you to understand there is a lot of very illegal content on this page, and I need to suggest that you take it down. I’m sure enough damage has been done in the time already, but if it is not taken down I will need to take my information to the proper authorities and have this shut down. I hope we can end this in a civil manner and everyone can go their separate ways.

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      1) I don’t know who you are. If you want me to take you seriously, announce yourself and leave you contact information.
      2) I’ve had legal counsel involved from day one. There’s a reason I’ve posted the things I’ve posted and haven’t posted other things (like the topless pics this supposed “lesbian” sent me almost 10 months ago). I’m well advised and more importantly well prepared for any legal battles to come.
      3) “…I’m sure enough damage has been done…”: uhmmm fuck you. Fuck you and the trench you slithered out of. This was never about damage for me. It was about the fact that someone I’d been loyal, compassionate, and selfless to decided to behave like a lying, selfish, abusive piece of shit. She’s been spending months (8 of them at least) telling lies about me to EVERYONE who would listen. I tried on multiple occasions to put an end to the BS but she felt she had the upper hand. She chose, at every turn, to NOT act like a decent human being knowing full well that everything she was saying was a lie. I started getting death threats because of her bullshit. So when you talk about “enough damage”, you can go fuck yourself. Any damage that comes from me telling the truth is only the damage deserved. I don’t care about her at all so I don’t worry whether she’s been “damaged” by the truth. I do care about what I’ve been through enough to continue to tell my story. I’ll do just that irrespective of whatever ‘damage’ she faces as a result because she’s a small minded piece of shit who isn’t worth my consideration.
      4) I’ve already gone my “separate way”. I did that back in October when I refused to put up with her disrespectful, manipulative, and abusive bullshit. THIS HERE is my “separate way”. I’m not looking to be friends with her. I don’t want anything from her. She may be pissed that people are finding out the truth of her bullshit but that’s her problem not mine.

      Don’t get your gotch in a twist over this $1-coin “lesbian”. I’d suggest you go grab a 2-4, snuggle up in your bunny hug, and mind your own or at least stay the fuck out of mine. Now you go have yourself a nice day, eh?

  7. Just Okay Guy Just Okay Guy

    I’m truly sorry for my part in the shit you went through. I never knew that she was lying back then. I was in one of the videos you put up and I wish I never said that. I saw your comments about anonymous apologies but I’m not making myself a target for her wrath.

    I was around from the beginning and saw how you treated her before the lies. I know you were good to her and she turned on you. I’m not ready to deal with her targeting me like she did you. I’m sorry I believed her lies, I’m sorry you had to go through all that but just know there are more of us who have stopped buying into her shit than you realize. People are starting to see how fucked up she is and how much she lies

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      If you’re not willing to stand up and be counted then your apology means nothing. You were part of that environment that made people feel comfortable making death threats when I had done nothing at all but try to get her crazy ass out of my life. You want to absolve yourself of guilt by saying “I’m sorry” but you’re afraid to become a target? Well your bullshit made me a target not only of her idiotic ramblings and lies but of the idiots who made death threats against me and my family because they bought into her shit and your participation in it.


    Wtf u are a piece of shit u fuckin bitch boy.

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      You are entitled to your opinion. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    A yo sorry man. I was one of the people in her circle talking shit about you. I didn’t know she was so full of shit until some people from The Gods put me up on her games. I’m sorry for my part.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow seriously! This site is so illegal. I’m glad this woman got away from you. You are stalking her and are slandering her. You illegally recorded her without her consent. And now you are trying to use your little snips of video to prove how small your dick really is. You need to get a life. I sincerely hope the FBI is looking in on this.

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      You make an awful lot of assumptions.

      • I’m not slandering her. I’m telling the TRUTH. Only an idiot like Alpaca Anna would think that the stuff here falls under the heading of “slander”. Go look it up.
      • I didn’t record her illegally, go look up the law you dimwit
      • I got consent. Just because I didn’t publish her consenting doesn’t mean I didn’t get consent
      • My dick is 7.5 inches long, not as big as some but above “average”. Would you like to come measure it with you throat?

      Stalking her?!?! How in the fuck did you get that? I’ve been avoiding that piece of shit like the fucking plague. I don’t go into her live streams because it seriously causes me anxiety hearing her voice. It’s worse than fucking nails on a chalk board. Ever hear of Post-Traumatic Stress?

      Now because you’re clearly as bright as a groundhogs rectal cavity let me stop you before you go off the deep end with more assumptions. I’m talking about PTS not PTSD there’s a difference but a dolt such as yourself is probably incapable of distinguishing between a condition and a mental disorder. Here’s a link that may help: PTS vs PTSD

      Anyway, the point is that just hearing her voice triggers severe anxiety and I can’t stand her. I’ve been in gang shoot-outs, school shootings (pre-Columbine), car accidents, and more. Nothing is a trigger for me like the sound of her voice. That’s not hyperbole (oh wait that word has more than two syllables I’ll include a link to the definition so you can try to keep up). I wish I’d never met her or anyone associated with her. Calling her sub-human would be an undue courtesy. So no, I’m not stalking her. I’m trying to avoid her at all costs while she’s been trying to befriend me ever since I blocked her. She’s the one obsessed with me not the other way around. If you weren’t such a dunce you’d see that but hey we can’t all have an IQ larger than our shoe size.

      Oh, but thanks for reminding me that I need to go ahead and start on your (I mean Anna’s) site. I have to put that video back up and a few modified images of her face. Thanks

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