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Exposing Ari’s BS

Arianna is a manipulative and abusive person. She’s lied to and about me so much that people started harassing me. When she started making claims that I was trying to get her son taken away I started getting death threats. I’d asked her to stop the lies and correct the record but she refused. I created this site to tell my side, now she’s going around telling people that I’m obsessed with her in an attempt to discredit me.

If you’re here because she told you to “check out this guy who’s so obsessed with me”, go ahead. See for yourself that she’s a lying, manipulative, mentally disturbed POS and everything she’s told you about me is probably a lie.


This isn’t the only person to come forward and tell me that Arianna was using me. Someone even gave me audio of her talking about how she’s only with me to get me to help her out financially.


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