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Please stop sending me videos and audio of Arianna

For those that didn’t know, most of the videos posted here on this site came from the people who watch Arianna’s streams on MeetMe. The people she thinks are her ‘fans’ turn around and send me things all the time and now I’m asking for them to stop. I’ve already told my friends to stop bringing her BS around me but there are a bunch of people who know of me only because she constantly talks about me (like she’s obsessed or something) and they tracked me down to send me clips of her lunacy.

I appreciate that so many of you find it entertaining to watch someone meltdown and self destruct but I do not. I do not care about Arianna and her bullshit. I got out and suggest you do the same. Her rants, her lies, her drama, her fake tears and everything else is just part of a cry for attention from a deeply insecure, alcoholic, substance-abusing person with zero coping skills for navigating this world as an adult.

There’s absolutely nothing I have to gain by watching or listening to her, ZERO. Best case scenario: she apologizes and owns up to the bullshit she’s responsible for. It’ll never happen but if it did, it would be just another manipulation tactic. She feeds off of attention. Stop feeding into her delusions.

The second best thing I ever did in my life was to stop caring about Arianna completely. I can’t tell you how freeing it was. I don’t hate her because I just don’t care enough to hate her. It’s a great place to be in and it’s here I plan to stay so don’t darken my days with BS and drama she’s not worth it.

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