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Questions about the recordings

Arianna says you hacked her or claimed to hack her

Arianna is a fucking idiot. She makes spurious claims all the time. She’s the kind of person who thinks you’ve said things that you never said. This is part of the reason I refuse to speak to her unless it’s recorded or witnessed by others. She lies so much that you can’t trust ANYTHING she says.

To answer the assertion. I’ve never hacked her or even claimed to have hacked her. Again: she’s a fucking idiot.

Everything I’ve said to her since November of 2019 has been recorded or sent via text. So if she has evidence of me claiming to have hacked her, I invite her to produce it. She can’t but she always makes wild ass claims and never backs them up.

How did you get audio of her an Dylan having sex?

Simple, I spoiled her and her son. I bought two Amazon Fire tablets for him to use so that she could keep her iPad to herself. At the time I didn’t realize that she’s a shitty mother who uses screens to babysit her son because she’s too self absorbed to parent properly. Anyway, I’m a developer. My amazon account is setup to “test” audio samples used for Alexa triggers (called “skills”). When they were having sex, they kept hitting one of the tablets (or her phone maybe) making Alexa get triggered. It recorded their “commands” and it happened to be sex sounds.

I only found out about it when I went in to change my passwords on my amazon account because I had given her access and realized that I didn’t trust her with the information in my account. I logged in to change passwords and review my settings when I discovered some recordings that came from a device that I don’t have at home. That’s when I put two and two together.

You can read more about Alexa and voice recording here:

She claims that it was a hack because 1) she’s a fucking idiot and 2) it’s dramatic. Calling her a birdbrain is offensive to all birds save maybe the dodo. Not sure there.

Why would she lie about fucking Dylan?

She hangs on to the idea that people take her seriously as a lesbian. To her, the whole “I’m a lesbian” thing is part of her brand. it’s a fabrication, a lie, but she holds on to it despite trying to fuck at least three different guys while she and I were together: 1) Anthony 2) Dino 3) Dylan

She’s ashamed to be herself. That’s sad but what do you expect from a woman so shitty that she yells at her 5 y/o autistic son for no reason?

What if she was so drunk that she didn’t remember having sex?

  1. If she were that drunk then Dylan may be guilty of rape. I’m not sure of the exact wording of california penal code as it relates to sexual assault buuuuuut I’m pretty sure that being incapacitated means no consent can be given. The question would be was Dylan similarly incapacitated and why would she lie about it?
  2. Do you know any woman who’s had surprise sex and not known about it immediately? She claims to have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis which makes sex painful. There’s no way she was penetrated and didn’t know immediately when she woke up that she’d been violated.
  3. Those of you who have heard the audio (of her having sex) know that she was wide awake and actively participating in it. The grunts alone tell a tale
  4. Those of you who have heard the audio of her bragging about it know that she was very cavalier in her admission and when the other person asked “What about PuddyTat?” she said “… we’re polygamists…” as if it’s ok to lie about who you fuck just because you’re in an open relationship.

Why don’t you make the recordings public?

Laws, in particular, anti-harassment and revenge porn laws in the state of California. If Arianna is so confident in her assertion lie about not fucking Dylan she can send me a release authorizing me to make any ‘adult content’ I have of her available to the public. The same would have to come from Dylan. If they didn’t have sex they should have no problem sending me releases so that I can make them available to everyone and then you can listen and decide for yourself.

The other recording (her bragging) is a different beast. The person who made it doesn’t want to be bothered with Ari and her BS. Ari has lost a number of friends because of her bullshit and this person, in particular, has had enough and doesn’t want to be identified so I’m protecting their identity.

Are you trying to destroy Arianna’s life?

Nope. Despite the fact that she’s a petty shitty person, I just want her out of my life. Unfortunately she’s too dumb to know when to stop. I told her before that I’ll defend myself publicly. If she get’s hurt in the process, oh well. All of this is her doing, not mine.

She claims you’re just obsessed with her because she wouldn’t fuck you.

  1. She tried to fuck me once when she was drunk and I declined. She got violent and if I’d known then what I know now, I would have had her arrested but then again hindsight is 20/20.
  2. uhhhhhh no. She’s not my type. I’ve never been into skinny blonde chicks. I like shapely women and she’s built like a popsicle stick but flatter. I was willing to explore sexuality with her because I loved her when I thought our relationship was real. I like to give sexual pleasure to women and I happen to be fairly practiced at it. For my “partner” I was willing to explore that but don’t get it twisted, she brought up wanting to “be with [me]” like that wayyyy more than I did. Now, I’m sure she did it just because she probably figured it was a good way to keep me from noticing how shitty a person she really is because she wanted to continue to use me. The point is that I was never into her sexually. I know other people think she’s attractive and that’s fine for them. She’s not my type and she has shitty hygiene habits sooooo no that’s a hard pass.

What would it take to make you stop all of this and leave Arianna alone?

  1. I tried on October 19th to leave her alone and she started talking shit about me so I had to address that
  2. I tried again on October 22nd to leave her alone and she had her friends come and attack me and lie about me
  3. When I tried to have her put an end to the BS that was coming from her and her friends, she apologized to me while lying to them telling them to continue harassing me.
  4. She started claiming that I was trying to get her son taken away then lied about THAT and said it was her ex-GF that was to blame for that.
  5. This site exists ONLY because she continues to lie about me. The only way I’d consider taking it down is if she publicly admits to all the BS but that would require her to be a decent human being and she’s incapable of doing that. The power is in her hands but good luck getting her to take responsibility for the drama she started and could end single-handedly.
  6. The BS in this context is:
    1. Own up to our relationship and the fact that you’ve lied about it to everyone
    2. Admit that you were using me the way you’d admitted it to your “friends” so everyone know’s just how shitty a person you are and how abusive you were in our “relationship”
    3. Admit to the lies you told about me trying to get people to hate you
    4. Admit to lying in your live streams about the people harassing you
    5. Admit to fucking Dylan and then lying about it
    6. Admit to sending your followers to harass me and any and all lies you’ve told them about me

If it weren’t for her BS and lies I wouldn’t need to defend myself. The more she lies the more loudly I’ll proclaim my innocence. She can’t win this, it’s just a matter of her being smart enough to know when she’s beaten. Did I mention that she’s a fucking idiot?

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