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The lesbian who fucks guys and lies about it

Arianna tried to befriend me after she and Anna broke up. She’s always got to have a villain and she thought that if I would buy into her bullshit that she and I could be friends again and make Anna the villain. Unfortunately, I’m sick of Ari and her BS. She’s sub-human and not a person I want my life. She claims I’m obsessed with her but I’ve been trying to get rid of that piece of shit since October. The only reason I’m having anything at all to do with her is because SHE is obsessed with me. She keeps talking about me for no fucking reason other than her own obsession and delusions. If she weren’t such a shitty human I’d have been done with all of this ages ago but she is the shittiest of humans so here we are. This is the exchange we had when I tried to talk to her to clear up the BS. All I asked was that she be honest and she even lied about her lies. That’s how fucked up she is.

So Let’s see what Dylan USMC has to say about all of this. I reach out to Dylan to talk man to man. It’s easier to have a man to man conversation when you’re dealing with an actual MAN who understands things like integrity, duty, honor, etc. Look at the BS mealy mouthed shit he says. He never actually answers a question. A simple “no we never fucked” would have sufficed but instead he dances around the questions never saying “yes we fucked; she lied to me” instead he bitches out. All the crayon eaters I’ve trained with are stand up guys. Why someone, like him would protect a POS like Arianna who obviously lies and causes unnecessary drama, is beyond me.

I would have respected him if he’d said “It’s not my place to comment on what a woman does sexually whether it’s with me or not”. That’s an honorable position. Instead he deflects by saying he doesn’t have anything going on (currently). When I point out that there are questions unanswered, he bitches out and blocks me. Semper Fly trench wench.

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