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The Racist Undertones in Arianna’s Attacks Against me

Arianna’s lies about me have their origin in racist stereotypes of black men as aggressive, hyper-sexualized, controlling, abusive, and philandering. Here are just a few examples of the racist undertones in her Narcissistic Smear Campaign against me. To be clear, I’m not claiming that she is a racist. That doesn’t mean she’s not willing to be racist to get people to hate me just because I got sick of her bullshit and refuse to have her in my life.

Update 2020.10.07: Wow that blew up quickly. I’ve been inundated with comments on this one article. Most of the articles get little response from the public but this one got something like 40 comments within the first 48 hours. While I’m pleased that so many people wanted to let me know they support me, please refrain from making statements that could be construed as a threat. Also, if you’re going to take the time to comment please say something more than “racist bitch”. After the 12th one it get’s old. I’m still wading through them all so please don’t feel neglected if I haven’t published or responded to yours (yet).

These are some articles you should probably read before you continue with this particular post. I’ve added a few videos for those of you who can’t read. They don’t convey the same depth of the issue but they hit the high notes:

That is Arianna in her own words acknowledging that she lied about all the bullshit between us. She manufactured drama, encouraged people to harass and attack me all because I got sick of her bullshit and refused to be her friend

Here’s a message exchange she and I had back in November where she even acknowledges that I was “…good to [her] for the time we were together…”

But she got “upset how everything ended and that [I] don’t want to [be her friend anymore]” She got offended when I blocked her and started all this bullshit. Let’s pause and think about that for a minute. She lied to me, disrespected me, fucked another guy behind my back and lied about it, then told people that I was harassing her and trying to get her kid taken away all because I refused to be her friend AFTER she treated me like shit.

None of that is news though. So why the new post? Well this all relates to the growing realization that people of color get unfair treatment and that some people who call themselves allies use the pre-existing racial bias that exists in society to their advantage. In short, Arianna played on racial bias in her unwarranted attacks on me and my character.

She knew that if she played the victim, I’d be thought of as the aggressor just because she is a “skinny white chick” and I’m a “big black dude”. Here I am telling her about the racist nature of the attacks and death threats I was dealing with

She acts like this is all one big joke but she fully understands that what she’s doing is dangerous….to me. She put my life in danger with her bullshit racist antics.

Update (September 6, 2020): You can click on the YouTube link above and watch the whole exchange. At the end of said exchange we agreed to talk about things offline. Here’s some of what was said in the text exchange a couple of days after the video above

  • So she acknowledges that she lied about me but isn’t willing to call it that. She just says “… yes. There are things I said…when I was drinking and whatnot”.
  • Instead of coming clean and letting it be known that I never did anything wrong to/with her, she says “I’ve made it more and more clear lately that I do not harbor any hatrd towards you anymore.”

All of that seemed to go out the window when I let it be known that 1) I knew she fucked Dylan and 2) that I wasn’t willing to be her friend.

End September 6, 2020 Update

A month after this conversation she was back at it with some very dangerous words.

So here she manufactures drama about me being obsessed with her when she had agreed to drop the drama and bullshit but was continuing to spread lies about me. Everything she said is a lie. She knows its a lie but more than that she knows its dangerous to me as a black male. Just a month prior I’d told her about the racial threats I receive when she does this type of shit. But she goes all in on the EXACT same lies from before

Did you catch how she put on a black affectation when she told that lie? “..[You] best to make sure …” Why would she start talking like I’m Nigga Jim if she weren’t trying to play on the sympathies of people who see black men as bad and white women as good? What better way to whip up a frenzy about a black man than claiming that he’s threatened a white woman and her innocent little white child? The only problem is that it’s JUST not true. Here’s the message that was actually sent.

That last bit is “her being too drunk to take care of Damien and everything else”. The woman who got so drunk that she left her son at school waiting for hours is claiming that I threatened to get her son taken away. Interesting that she doesn’t talk about giving drugs to minors (which she’s done) or driving drunk to pick up her son from school (which she’s done multiple times). She wants people to hate me and uses racial bias in the pursuit of getting back at me for walking away from her bullshit. She’s the one who started all the drama and she fully understands that I’ve done nothing wrong to her.

Here’s more of her racially backed bullshit:

She’s very clearly talking about me. She claims that she was nervous and was having panic attacks just thinking that I might show up. Let’s see what she said just a few weeks prior when I spoke to her.

Does that sound like a person having a panic attack or scared to attend the same event she JUST asked me if I’d be attending?

She’s mastered the art of being a lying and manipulative piece of shit. Part of that for her is saying one thing to me and another thing to everyone else. What she says though is a play on a common phenomena that’s JUST NOW coming to light for the rest of the world: White people have weaponized “I’m feeling threatened”. Everytime she goes off on one of her fib filled, vitriolic, temper tantrum like tirades, she’s putting my life in danger. She wants to win though. Again, this is all like a big game to her and she wins when she gets more people to be on her side than mine. Who cares that it’s all lies coming from her. Who cares that I’ve only ever been a loving partner to her and left her alone when she started treating me like shit. Who cares that I’ve never done ANYTHING wrong to her. She’s upset because I won’t be her friend so I have to be destroyed. The fact that I may die because of the racial undertones of her bullshit is just a bonus. it makes her feel like people care about her enough to do things on her say so. In the words of one of the commenters here “she trying to get a nigga lynched”.

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  1. K Corry K Corry

    I am writing a piece on racism, exploitation, and privilege in music, modeling, and acting. Do I have your permission to use your site as a reference? Do you hold the copyright to all the images you have here?

    Do you know how I can best reach Arianna for comment?

    Would you be interested in being interviewed on camera? We can do Skype or Zoom.
    Did you ever attend any industry events with Arianna , where you saw evidence of abuse, sexual exploitation, or racially motivated harassment? Are there any stories that you heard? Even anecdotes can help if we can track down the original source.

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      You can feel free to refer to this site and link to any images provided that the links point to the original URIs and not a CDN or proxy.

      As for contacting Arianna, she’s got her own website out there on the interwebs. You can find it by searching for her and her. Her phone number is posted on her site. That’s the direct number to her mobile phone. I won’t provide it for obvious reasons.

      I’m fine with being interviewed but have conditions. We can discuss further.
      As for events, other than the MeetMe event where she gave drugs to a minor named Anu, no. I haven’t attended any industry events with her. There is a photographer named Joe that she works with he’s been to more events, you may want to talk to him. As for stories of exploitation the main thing I’d heard before was a story from Arianna about how she felt compelled to sleep with some photographer named Michael Bui and his partner Mida (sp?) when they were in Vegas at some event in 2018 I think.

      I’ll followup with details via email.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    so if some antifa asshole hits her for being racist is that gonna make you feel better? You know calling someone racist is the new nigger. You’re doing to her the exact thing your accusing her of

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      Woah woah woah… calm the fuck down, JimBob. I’m guessing that’s your name JimBob, Bubba, Zeb, BillyRay, BobbyJo something like that. Do you drive a pickup truck with a confederate flag on it? I bet you do.
      1) I’ve been called both “nigger” and “racist” and I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the two terms. When people call you a racist they are saying you’re a shitty human being. When they call you a nigger they are saying that you’re LESS THAN HUMAN.
      2) What she did was play on racial stereotypes and social bias against black men in her lies about me. What I did was… uhmmm… oh that’s right I TOLD THE FUCKING TRUTH. I showed evidence that she’s been lying and provided some historical context. If someone fucks with her for what she’s actually done that’s not my problem. I told her before that I was done protecting her from the consequences of her actions. She’s legally an adult. She can live with the fallout of her own actions, I’ve had to.
      3) Let’s give you way more benefit of the doubt than you deserve. Maybe you ran out of Keystone and two synapses managed to team up to form a coherent thought and what you meant was that my assertion that a white woman would play on black social bias is itself a form of social bias against white women. Fair point except that it’s not. Everything I say is backed up with documentation, video, and/or audio. Everything that she’s said has been a lie with zero proof. I’m not playing on a stereotype, I’m exposing the truth. There’s a difference. Also, I didn’t pick this fight. She did. I tried multiple times to keep things from getting to this point but she feels privileged and entitled.

  3. Meetme a bunch of racists Meetme a bunch of racists

    I cant believe meetme allow that racist shit dafuq they doing over there?

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      Meetme is all about the money. They don’t give a fuck about the people.
      Her bullshit and drama is good for business because it gets people to tune in and spend money.

  4. Jim Crow Jim Crow

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW she is a racist piece of shit. Not one of those in ya face racists she the sneaky type. fuck her

  5. Fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch

    Y don’t U just say it???????? She a crazy racist white bitch who should get ******* in her mouth for them lies and shit. Erybody know she lying. I on’t know why people still fuck with her ugly crackhead looking ass. She say she a model who she model for meth dealers?

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      I don’t condone violence (so I edited your post). In the cosmic karmic-debt sense, yes I think she deserves that and much more but that’s not my call. She’ll eventually poison enough wells that she’ll have to deal with the consequences of her bullshit. All I can do it shake the dust from my feet and keep it moving.

      She’s stuck being her pathetic self. In her miserable existence she lies to everyone she knows and couldn’t manage a real relationship if her life depended on it. I gave her a year as a loving and dedicated partner who never asked for anything in return and she managed to fuck THAT up. It’s just a matter of time before she fucks up the next one like she did with Victoria, Nugget, Anna, John, etc. Apparently she’s already fucked up with Dylan if you believe what other commenters have to say. I don’t actually know and I don’t care.

      I don’t call her a racist because there’s a difference between being a racist (the noun) and being racist (the adjective). Think of it like being an idiot (noun) versus being idiotic (adjective). You can be momentarily idiotic but that doesn’t make you an idiot. Similarly you can make racist jokes or engage in behavior that’s racist but that doesn’t mean you’re “a racist”. I’m not saying one way or the other that she either is or isn’t. Now that’s a level of nuance that she’d never afford me. Fortunately neither my integrity nor my intellect are bound by the vastly finite capacity of hers.

  6. A GoD in the cut A GoD in the cut

    You notice she stopped sending people to this site right? before she was all “oh you gotta check this out.. Puddy so obsessed with me” now her stupid ass don’t say shit cause you throwing facts about her lying racist ass

    Why ain’t none of theGoDs call her out as a racist yet? They all been knowing she on some bullshit. She acting like she down just because Dio talk to her on some anime shit but we all laughing at her. She don’t know just how many of us can’t stand her dumb ass

    • PuddyTat PuddyTat

      No, I hadn’t noticed. I really stay as far away from that piece of shit as possible.

      I’m not one for ridiculing someone behind their back so I’m not going to cosign that behavior. That said, thanks for everything else.

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