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Ari wants you to think I’m obsessed with her because that’s easier than confronting the fact that she’s a really shitty person. It’s stated here in several places that the only reason this site exists is because she continually lied about me to the point where I started receiving death threats. This site isn’t about me being obsessed. It’s about getting the truth out nothing more.

This site is here to chronicle my experience with a toxic mentally disturbed individual. I’m not here to mock, berate, or harass anyone. The only reason this site exists in the first place is because she (Arianna) put my life in danger when she decided to perpetuate vicious lies about me.

Who am I? I’m the boyfriend that Arianna had from November 2018 up until October 2019. We broke up because she treated me like shit and was too much of an asshole to apologize for disrespecting our relationship. When I tried to walk away from her she freaked out (she’s mentally disturbed) and created all sorts of delusions about me badmouthing her and trying to get people to hate her. That never happened. It was all in her head. She took her delusions to other people and those people attacked me for no reason. When I confronted Arianna and asked that she correct the record she refused. When I started posting images letting people know that Arianna was delusional she started a vicious campaign of lies and character assassination. So far I’ve heard the following claims

  1. I’m obsessed with her (spoiler: I’m not)
  2. I’m a womanizer/ I’m controlling and just wanted to control her and “all of my other women”
  3. That I stole her website
  4. That I send people to harass her in her live stream

If you’re aware of more crap she’s asserted that I’ve done to her, please leave a comment. I have responses to each assertion I’m aware of but it takes time and energy to put these articles together so not everything is up right now. It’s mentally and emotionally draining to trudge through our messages for the past year and pull out images and videos to support my claims. I spent a year with a woman that I loved and who I thought loved me. There’s gravity to putting together these things and on top of that I go out of my way to present things in as even and neutral a tone as possible. I want people to make up their minds based on the evidence not based on whether they like me or not.

I’d love to take this site down and never have to think about her again. Unfortunately she continues to spread lies. If you want to support her and have me take this site down, you should encourage her to stop with the delusional BS and just tell the truth. In particular she should admit:

  • that she told Anna and Nugget (among others) a bunch of delusional untruths prompting Anna to attack me
  • that tried to bully me and scare me by claiming that my post could get her kid taken away
  • that she wasn’t concerned about her kid being taken away but was instead worried about Anna and others finding out that they’d bought into her delusional untruths
  • that she intentionally manipulated the sympathies of her viewers and friends
  • that she abided and encouraged harassment and violence against me
  • that she knowingly mislead her viewers and friends about my character and conduct
  • that she was in fact physically involved with Dylan (Peta Parkah) despite her claims that she wasn’t “fucking Dylan” (pro-tip: if you’re going to mess around, maybe don’t do it with a voice assistant running on a tablet, connected to my account, in the same room. I’ve got the audio proof, I’m just waiting on the OK from my lawyers before I make it available)

Her brand of manipulation thrives on the people in her life never getting close enough to compare notes with each other. She tells one group of people something about another and then encourages both groups to never talk to each other. After she started spreading lies about me she told people to harass me but not to talk to me. I’m always wiling to have a rational conversation about any issues that someone has with me. If you think I’ve done something wrong to you or her, hit me up and we can talk about it.

I’ve never asked for anyone to pick sides. If you call yourself a friend of hers, please continue to be her friend. If you call yourself a friend of mine, please don’t go harassing her or any of the people I mention.

Guide to the articles here

  • Brief overview of the break up drama — This is the main article for getting up to speed with everything else. It’s not a short read despite the fact that I left out MUCH detail. Many other posts will refer back to information contained therein so it’s probably the best place to start.
  • The Root of the Issue with Alpaca Anna — Arianna had me try to help a girl that she was into. That girl, Anna, kept making promises to see Arianna and eventually Arianna got fed up with her and started talking shit about her. I continued to try to be friendly with her until shortly after Arianna and I broke up. One night Anna contacted me with a vile personal attack after Arianna went and told her a bunch of delusional ramblings that weren’t true.
  • Who’s the obsessed one — Arianna has a history of making up fantastical claims about people who walk away from her. She has abandonment issues and can’t stand for someone to NOT want to be her friend. When I started telling my side of the story publicly she started claiming that I was obsessed with her. She even started sending carefully selected and edited screenshots of our conversations from SnapChat to people to bolster her claims. One of those people sent me their whole exchange. I’m far from obsessed with her. I’m obsessed with the truth but she’s such a megalomaniac that she can’t tell the difference.
  • Comments and Questions — This is a place for you to ask questions and make comments. I’ll add them to the page if they are appropriate.

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