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Please don’t go poking the bear

I’m sick of people sending me screenshots and recordings of their attempts to harass Arianna or people connected to her. Please stop. I’m done with her and don’t want anyone harassing anyone on my behalf. I’ve spent the last month trying to forget her. Why on earth would I want anyone to do anything that might make me have to speak to her or anyone connected to her ever again?

I don’t hate her. I just don’t care about her. Yes what she did was fucked up but she’s mentally a child so what would one expect?

This site is here simply because she put my life in danger and I needed to tell my side of the story. It’s not about harassing, embarrassing her, or getting back at her or anything else. It’s JUST about me telling the truth about her and the BS she put me through. That’s for me. I needed the truth to be out there, for me. Maybe some will see it, maybe it’ll go unnoticed. I don’t actually care. There are a few key people that I’ve asked to look at specific things but other than that it’s not a priority for me.

If you have an issue with her, personally, take it up with her. Use your words and have a conversation. If you thought you were supporting me by doing that shit, stop it and instead try to understand her and maybe be a positive influence in her life. I can’t because I’ve been burned but you don’t have the history with her that I do. Life is too short to be vindictive and petty.

If life is too short to be petty why use her name?

  1. The domain was available
  2. I told Arianna in all the back and forth that if I needed to defend myself I’d do so on a grand scale. This domain is the tip of that iceberg.
  3. Sure there’s a bit of “fuck you” in it. Maybe that’s too petty and small minded but hell. I lived through the BS I talk about here. You haven’t. If you go and attack/harass her you’re doing exactly the same shit that Anna did to me. It’s not right no matter which side it comes from.

How long will you keep the site up?

I’m not sure. I didn’t make the site with an expiration date in mind. I started getting death threats and decided on several courses of action. One of them was to get the site ready in case I wasn’t able to discuss things rationally with the people around Ari who can think logically. Once it became clear that wouldn’t work I launched the site and started telling my side of the story.

I have no plans about anything other than getting the truth out there.

I’m not negotiating with anyone about acquiring it or taking things down.

I’m not trying to monetize any of the content. I’m not trying to drive traffic here.

I’m not willing to discuss anything I post here with anyone connected to Ari except for the heads up I sent to her mother letting her know that things had progressed to the point where I had to tell my side of things.

I’d been getting daily death threats for almost 2 weeks straight across 4 different platforms. After my post on Sunday I haven’t gotten a single one. Maybe that’ll change, I don’t know. If I feel like I have no further need to let my side be known, I may shut it down.

Are you saying you’re not obsessed with getting back at her?

No, I’m not obsessed with her. I’m not obsessed with getting back at her.

I’m obsessed with the truth. That’s about it.

Do I think that she is a shitty person? Yes, but being shitty to shitty people is still you being shitty.

Put another way: Everything about my experience with her tells me that she’s a piece of shit. Do you go around kicking every piece of shit you see on the sidewalk or in people’s yards? I hope not. Kicking pieces of shit get’s shit on your shoes. You do that enough and you start to look/smell like a piece of shit. I’d rather avoid the shit all together. Sometimes we’re forced to deal with shit but there’s no need to prolong your exposure.

One final thought

Suicide is a real thing. Some people have an obsession with being dead. Some have a fleeting crisis that suddenly triggers the desire to be dead. If you can prevent someone from acting in that momentary crisis, statistically speaking, they are very unlikely to ever attempt serious self harm in the future.

Do you want to be responsible for creating that temporary crisis for someone? A cruel word from someone that you don’t know; someone being malicious to you when you’ve never done anything to them; feeling like the world is against you because a group of people is harassing you. That could push someone over the edge. Do you want their blood on your hands?

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