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Not interested…hard pass

Whoever is behind the lyingPOS account on instagram, please stop trying to involve me in your bullshit. I want nothing whatsoever to do with that madness. Yes, Arianna is a lying POS and should own up to her bullshit but shoving it in peoples faces is not my thing. I set up a website and kept my mouth shut. I don’t condone going around and pushing your shit on others.

I don’t care that you’re still in her circle and she doesn’t know who you are. I don’t care that you have more recordings for me. I don’t care that you have proof of other crimes she’s committed or that she’s used and lied about other people.

If it’s who I think it is (based on the apology comment that I refuse to publish or respond to) then you were part of the problem in the beginning with the death threats and bullshit. If you want to turn yourself in to the police, by all means, be my guest. If you want to implicate Arianna in inciting people to harass me, talk to the cops not me.

You do your thing but leave me TF out of it.

Update: here let me try to be a bit more compassionate. Look, I get that you may feel betrayed. You trusted someone who you thought was being victimized and found out that it was all lies. Ok. If you did fucked up shit because you believed them then THAT problem is with you not them. Stop trying to set people up and either confront them or walk away. Trust me, walking away from her is life changing.

Now leave me TF out of your shit

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