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Month: December 2019

Obsessed #2

Here we have drunk and delusional Arianna making ridiculous claims again about “someone” being obsessed with her.

She makes several claims about “someone who’s severely obsessed with [her]” but doesn’t say who that someone is. Let’s go ahead and presume, for a minute, that she might be talking about me and referring to this website ( Let’s see how her claims’s checkout.

Her assertions

  • @0:55 “…messages me every fucking day”
    • I do not message her. In fact I have her blocked on every service we used to use to communicate except for snapchat. The only reason I haven’t blocked her on there is because I occasionally go back over our messages for content in posts
    • Either she’s completely cracked (psychologically) or she’s just playing to the crowd. I don’t know which.
    • If she really thinks I’m messaging her, she should be able to produce the messages and show them. I invite her to do so
  • @1:12 “…took over my website…for my business”
    • I didn’t take over any website. I did register a domain name. She’s so vapid that she doesn’t understand the difference but here I’ll explain. The domain name ( was available for purchase from the registrar that handles the ‘.com’ top level domain (TLD). She could have registered the domain (I even recommended that she do so when we were together) but she was too drunk and high to ever do anything productive. There was nothing to “take over”, she’s just inept.
  • @1:22 “…could get you into serious legal trouble”
    • Uhmmm no. No, it can’t. Maybe civil trouble if someone can prove malice or defamation but baring those…. no
    • If Arianna thinks that I can get into serious legal trouble for this site, I cordially invite her to take her best shot at making that a reality. She has my address so she can easily have me served with papers.
  • @1:53 “…he made one for my manic models website, which is my company”
    • Nope. Just nope. I’ve never done anything with manic models and creating websites.
  • @2:15 “…he pretended to be you on…hackers website”
    • I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about but even so, nope. I don’t have time to be impersonating anyone. I’ve never done that but it helps her “I’m a victim” narrative so…