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Hey FBI (if you’re watching) I have Arianna on tape admitting to giving drugs (weed/edibles) to a kid who was underage at the time.

Since Arianna told us that you’re on the case, I want to thank you for taking the time to investigate and make sure that justice is served. The aforementioned incident happened at the MeetGroup’s rooftop party at VidCon in July of 2019. I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations for that has not passed. If you need a material witness, give me a call, I’m sure you already have the number(s).

In the mean time I’m calling it a night. I’ve got about 5 hours of video to sort through and edit and I’m sick of dealing with her for now. I was hoping to have this done by Saturday but I’m putting EVERYTHING out so you can make up your own mind about her BS allegations.

remember when I said “shit just got real”?

Oh another thing: She apparently tried to kill herself in front of her son so maybe you want to have your psychological team talk to her and him to make sure he’s ok. You know, as a concerned citizen.

When you do, have someone evaluate Damien, please make sure that they ask questions to determine his attachment profile. Because he doesn’t feel validated and has to compete for her attention (against her live streaming on MeetMe, prescription drug (ab)use, recreational drug use, and excessive drinking) he sometimes acts out JUST to get her attention. Becasue she has shitty coping skills she often calls him names and yells at him.

Sometimes even when he’s obviously done nothing wrong.

She even has physical abuse ideation, apparently:

In the past she’d been drunk around Damien so often that he’d have to try to wake her up to do normal adult things like feed him (he was 5 at the time). Now that he’s older he can probably handle more things on his own like getting to/from school since she likes to get so drunk that she abandons him from time to time or is “forced” to drive drunk to pick him up

There was that one time she beat herself up about being too drunk and high to pick him up from school and him sitting out there alone for hours until his aunt could get him. I hear that can affect ones attachment style but then I’m not a psychologist so maybe I’m mistaken

When you’re done with that ask me about how she abuses her prescription Xanax and lies to her pharmacy about being short a couple of pills so she has extras. I think she may have a problem.

If anyone has other examples of Arianna and Damien’s interactions that you think would be beneficial for a child psychologist to evaluate, please contact me at

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