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Too Little Too Late

The above is a message Arianna (apparently) posted on SnapChat and MeetMe after weeks of bashing me, talking trash, and letting people in her box make threats against me.

Ari does not have the poise and composure to craft such a missive so I thank those in her life with enough insight and wisdom to write that.

Unfortuately it hasn’t had any effect on the threats against my life. I’m still getting them.

Note the date (November 13 [2019]). Back in October when we broke up Ari thought I was behind some of the harassment that she’d seen in her livestreams. I told her up front that I hadn’t done or said anything to antagonize her or encourage others to. I even offered to make a stand publicly to let people know that I wished her no ill. I was ignored for over a week.

The problem with her statement is that it does nothing to undue the damage caused by her and the environment she created. Yes, perhaps she’s stopped talking shit about me but she didn’t say anything about all that shit being unwarranted in the first place. The people who decided to harass and attack me have no idea that she’s the one who created this whole situation and I’ve simply been responding as things come at me.

I tried to avoid all of this multiple time.

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