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Change in Tone and Content

I have given Arianna ample opportunity to be a decent person and admit that all of this nonsense is her doing. She’s persisted in spreading vicious lies about me with no regard for the dangers in escalating this senseless conflict.

Everything I’ve done here on this site, so far, has been to respond to- and defend myself against- her unwarranted attacks. I’ve NEVER done ANYTHING wrong to her. She attacked me when I kicked her out of my life because she’s an empty, soulless, shitty person. She’s GOT to be the victim, she’s got to blame others for her failings. She wants to pretend to be a lesbian while using people and randomly falling on dick. I don’t care what she does in her personal life. The only reason I started this site is because she told such ridiculous and unconscionable lies about me that her followers started threatening me. Let me say that again: She lied about me, she knows that everything she’s said about me is a lie but she persists because she’s incapable of accepting that I don’t want anything to do with her in my life. She’s a vile and shitty person who’s tried to destroy my life because she’s empty inside and can’t manage to have a single healthy relationship. I’ve been with my wife for 17+ years. Ari’s already fucked up her son by cutting herself in front of him and yelling at him when he’s done nothing wrong. She hates people who can be functional because she has never known what it’s like to love and be loved. I put a year into building a life partnership with her and she lied to and cheated on me. I’m the only person in her life who gave freely of my time and energy and never asked for anything in return. She knows that I always put her needs ahead of my own and would have done everything in my power to make her happy. That wasn’t enough. She lied to people about our relationship, telling them that I was just some obsessed fan or a sugar daddy. She fucked the guy who she told me was “just a friend” even after I’d bared my soul to her to let her know how I felt about the way she behaved when they spent time together. Finally I had enough and she couldn’t accept that. Everything you’ve heard about me, from her, is a lie. I’ll start laying out my case now because she’s lied enough that I can now show how full of shit she is.

Up until now I’ve been staying away from personal attacks and information that could result in CPS paying her a visit or anything that could be embarrassing. That changes today. I’ve given her so many chances to be a decent human being that she deserves everything coming her way from the information posted here. She’s an unfit mother and a piece of shit so now the gloves come off and unlike her I have evidence for every assertion I make.

“Babe”, enjoy your side of the skirmish line. Shit just got real

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